Learn how to engage prospects and customers while building your brand, SEO, and business with the most comprehensive, easy to follow video marketing course ever created:

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"When you finish this course, you will absolutely be able to generate more engagement, more traffic, and more leads for your business no matter what industry or vertical you're in!"

— Nicholas Ayers, video course creator

It's a Proven Fact:

Video Converts


of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI


Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined


Video drives 157% increase in organic traffic from search engine results

Who is this course for?

Business Owners

Video is a critical marketing tool that all business owners need to fully understand and leverage in order to generate more leads and customers.

Marketing Companies

Are you a marketing company who is looking to outsource your video training or learn video production yourself? We've got you covered.


If you're a freelance marketer, writer, or any other type of creative professional who wants to add video to their arsenal, this course is for you.

What You Will Learn & Master

When you finish this course, you will absolutely be able to generate more engagement, traffic, and leads to your business no matter what industry or vertical you’re in!


Thought Process

In this module you'll learn how to harness the true power of video with granular preparation and getting into the right mindset to be truly creative.



In this module you'll learn theory and fundamentals surrounding your video content.



In this module we will show you technical tips surrounding lighting, audio, and your camera.



In this module you'll learn step by step tutorials within your copy of Adobe Premiere to create and edit your videos. Shortcuts, navigation, and step by step guides.



In this module you will learn how to setup your own lead generation funnels for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. You'll learn how to lower your marketing costs and improve your ROI.



In this module you'll learn various tactics used to generate leads, and nurture existing clients in your business. You'll see how you can stay in front of your audience on every platform.



In this module you'll learn how to analyze your results and analytics so you can test, tweak, and implement.

Exclusive Bonus Features


Adobe CC Subscription

Students of the full course are given their own exclusive subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. This includes Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, and the rest of the full Adobe platform. Students also get access to Adobe Stock images.


Weekly Coaching

As a student, you will be given every opportunity to succeed. Our team is here to guide you and coach you all along the way to ensure maximum results. You'll be invited to private one on one strategy sessions, as well as routine group sessions.


Exclusive Community

Our students have the opportunity to collaborate together no matter what stages they are on. You will get access to an exclusive community of small business owners going through the journey, and able to offer their experiences and victories with you.

Available to Annual Subscribers Only

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What Others Are Saying

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""The bottom line is this: if you don't understand video production and marketing in 2018, you are at a significant disadvantage to those that do. Video is a critical part of marketing and building brand recognition.""

— Nicholas Ayers, video course creator

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch the content?

All content will be available to you on our custom education portal. You will go from video to video, topic to topic in a way that is structured to keep you on pace, and in order.

How long is the course, and how long will it take to complete?

The full course has over 70 videos, and multiple hours of content. We’ve made each video relatively short in length so that you can digest one specific topic at a time. A fully dedicated person should be able to go through it one time within a week.

Do you allow payment plans?

Yes, our full course will allow you to purchase the course in its entirety and setup payment options if need be.

What kind of support do I get once I join?

Members of the full course will receive as much support as they need in order to launch and implement. You will be added to our private Facebook community where you will have support of other like-minded professionals. You will also be invited to our weekly calls where we breakdown campaigns and provide feedback.

What happens if I need to cancel my membership?

You are free to come and go in the community as you please. However, there are no refunds for the purchase of the course.

Can I share my login credentials with other people?

No. Giving out the content to people who are not paid members would be considered theft and dishonorable. You will be excused from the program immediately and proper legal actions would take place. Why? Because I worked hard on this content for years. I studied, tested, and spent a lot of money in the process. Giving it away to someone else would be disheartening

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  • On-boarding Strategy Call To Structure Your Success Path
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  • On-boarding Kit With Course Workbook and Swag
  • Ongoing Training For Company Staff
  • Weekly Strategy Group Calls
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