Learn How To Get consistent leads with video ads

The Made You Look Video Marketing online course is your road map to becoming a top achiever with consistent leads from YouTube and Facebook

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Who is this course for?

Business Owners

Video is a critical marketing tool that all business owners need to fully understand and leverage in order to generate more leads and customers.

Marketing Companies

Are you a marketing company who is looking to outsource your video training or learn video production yourself? We've got you covered.


If you're a freelance marketer, writer, or any other type of creative professional who wants to add video to their arsenal, this course is for you.

"Without consistent leads it's likely you'll fall behind the competition. I believe you should have the same opportunities as the big name companies to promote your brand. Made You Look Video will give you the tools to dominate."

— Nicholas Ayers, MYL Creator

It's a Proven Fact:

YouTube Ads Convert


90% Of 18-44 year olds use YouTube Everyday


68% Of YouTube Users Watched A Video To Help Them Make A Purchase Decision.


Over Half Of American Internet Users Who Are Aged 75 And Over Watch Videos on YouTube.


Only 9% Of Local Small Businesses Are Advertising On YouTube

What You Will Learn & Master

When you finish this course, you will absolutely be able to generate more engagement, traffic, and leads to your business no matter what industry or vertical you’re in!


The Storyboard

Breakdown the Google Ads platform. Learn how the Google engine works.


The Set

Step by step on how to setup all of your Google accounts


The Script

The Made You Look scripting frameworks to get more leads.


The Plot

Targeting strategies that puts your videos in front of your prospects


Lights, Camera, Action

Point and click tutorials on how to setup a variety of video ads


The Box Office

How to clearly read and analyze your video ad analytics


After The Credits

In this bonus section we will breakdown more advanced topics like: retargeting, UTM tracking links, and our infamous "Infinity Loop" method to make YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all work together in perfect harmony.

Exclusive Bonus Features


Done For You Editing

Students can take advantage of our "done for you" video editing team. Simply upload your videos to my team, complete a simple instructional form, and my team of professional editors will return a finished edited product within hours.


Weekly Coaching

As a student, you will be given every opportunity to succeed. Our team is here to guide you and coach you all along the way to ensure maximum results. You'll be invited to private one on one strategy sessions, as well as routine group sessions.


Exclusive Community

Our students have the opportunity to collaborate together no matter what stages they are on. You will get access to an exclusive community of small business owners going through the journey, and able to offer their experiences and victories with you.

Available to Annual Subscribers Only

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What Others Are Saying

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""The bottom line is this: If you want more sales and market authority, you must start using video in your business""

— Nicholas Ayers, video course creator

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Join MYL?

Most people are surprised to learn how affordable our coaching program is when they compare it to the results they can achieve. Schedule a demo today to learn more about your customizable enrollment plan.

Will You Edit Our Videos?

Yes. Students have access to our "done for you" video editing services. Upload your clips to my team, and within 24-48 hours, you'll have a finished product.

Can My Team Also Be In The Program

If there are people critical to your success we will allow them to also be in the program within reason.

Do You Provide "Done For You" Ads?

Not at this time. Maybe in the near future.

Do I Own The Training's?

Yes. You will always have access for whatever you pay for if for.

Do You Provide Support?

Yes. Every week we host multiple group calls where I will jump into your system and help you with anything that you need help on. Ad placement, scripting, targeting, strategy, scaling, etc

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Our Program Includes

  • How To Identify Your Bulls-Eye Client.
  • My 5 Part Scripting Framework That I Use To Generate Exclusive Leads For Under $10
  • How To Use Google Search Data To Strategically Target Your Audience
  • How To Leverage Both YouTube and Facebook To Haunt Your Clients Across All Areas Of The Internet
  • How To Use Free Online Tools To Edit Your Video Content
  • How To Craft Winning Leading Pages That Convert
  • Admission To Our Weekly "Done With You" Support Calls
  • Access To Our Professional Video Editing Team To Edit Your Content
  • Access To Our Funnel Vault Of Proven Ads To Rip And Replicate
  • 2 Monthly Support Calls For Facebook Ads
  • 1 Monthly Support Call On Organic Video SEO
  • 1 Monthly Support Call On Video Production
Plus These Free Bonuses!
$99/mo retainer after initial payment
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